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(The color of your memories)
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On our site we take care of bringing color to your life, because to see, to feel, to give and to disseminate color is to give a positive outlook to your days.
The products and services of Own your color are provided exclusively by Own your color. Thus is why, coming up next, we present the terms and policies you need to know to make use of our website:
The Terms of Service and Policies of use regulate the access and use of our website (Own your color, products and services).
Please, read carefully these terms and if you have any question please contact us. By accessing or using our products, you agree to be bound to these terms and our privacy policy.


Who can use Own your color?

Anyone can use our product, as long as they form a binding contract with Own your color.This contract must agree to comply with the terms, conditions, policies, practices and all applicable laws, according to each case. Therefore, when you are creating your Own your color account, you must provide accurate and complete information.

Which are the limitations of using Own your color?

1. It is prohibited the use or access to those who violate the terms of the contract. If you create an account on behalf of a company, organization or other entity, then it should be clarified who is authorized to grant all permits under these terms license, also forcing to agree to our terms, policies and practices on behalf of the entity’s name.

2. Our terms and usage policies grant you a limited license, exclusive and untransferable, in order to use our products.

3. Any other use different that the allowed, that might be wanted for the product, should be previously notified, through Own your color.

4. It is strictly forbidden to perform any actions of sale, transference or handing over of our products to third parties, without the previous authorization of Own your color.

In relation to the information contained on this website:

Own your color will not take responsibility if the news available on the website were not accurate, precised or updated. We warned about the right to modify the content of this Web Site at any time without notice. You agree that your liability will be to stay aware of the changes made.

On regard to Own your color’s brand:

Own your color’s trademark should not be used or displayed without previous written consent of brand’s owner. Nor you or third parties are authorized to make use of it.

Regarding to the Rights Reserved:

It will be eliminated any information that contains dangerous or violent messages. Also those considered illegal or threatening; discriminatory or invasive in any kind.

Regarding to curtailment or settlement of the contract:

Own your color is on the will to terminated or suspend your license or binding contract at any time with or without cause and without notice. Upon termination, you become totally detached from us and your contract is absolutely void.

Regarding to the compensation for violation of terms, practices and policies:

If you use our products for commercial purposes, violating the terms of our license, with regard to the uses and policies, as determined in the binding contract, in sole and absolute discretion, you must:

1. Commit to indemnify and hold unscathed Own your color and its officials: directors, employees and agents, against any claim. Procedures, disputes, claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including, without any limitation, legal and accounting fees (defending claims’ costs, demands or proceedings initiated by others are included), shall be for your behalf.

2. It will be grounds for compensation to Own your color, violations and offenses related to: (a) access or improper and unauthorized use of our products, (b) Plagiarism or use without previous authorization of our content or user’s contents, (c) non-compliance of any of our conditions.


Regarding to Security:

We care about the safety of our users. We work to protect the integrity of the content and features of Own your color, however, we cannot guarantee that third parties can not violate our security measures. Then, it is suggested, to immediately report any unauthorized use of your account.

Aspects to be considered:

Personal data and privacy: It will be only processed the personal data of those who have provided it voluntarily in the registry. Your personal data will be protected and this site is responsible for not disclose any kind of information that belongs to him; unless expressly authorized, except for hacking or spoofing.

Information Gathered: All personal information provided on this site are supplied by yourself, making full use of its discretion and responsibility. By providing your personal information and agreeing to the Privacy Policy described before, we can use this information for: advertising and marketing offers, guiding and providing services, send e-mails with promotions and information on our site and all of the aforegoing to you as a user till to unsubscribe from this service.

Payment Information: The personal information provided to effect the paying of the service will not be provided to third parties or for later use of the required for your payment.

Legal warning: The products and contents included on our website are provided “as they are”, that is, without any warranty, either express or implied. These Terms and any of the rights and licenses granted in this document, may not be transferred or handed over by you or by others, but they could be assigned to anyone for Own your color, without restrictions. Any attempted to transfer or cession, will be on violation of these conditions, leaving the binding contract null and void.

Own your color, reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any part of this writing, at any time and without notice.