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About Us

Thanks for using Own your color!

On our site we take care of bringing color to your life, from the precept that seeing, feeling, and giving color means to spread a positive vision of the everyday life. We would all like to give to our loved ones a simple detail that is loaded with good memories and good feelings for the soul, as a color does, and it is exactly what we bring for you this time.

Giving away a color goes beyond what many would imagine, it is something that’s never been seen, that might brighten your life and those around you. This gesture is now possible thanks to Own Color Your, a website where you can obtain the desired color for yourself or to give it away to someone special, if you're looking to astonish them. Also, you can call it as you want it. All this, just by following a few simple steps: so pay attention!

1. None of tricky forms! You must register on our site, just a few data is needed.

2. Select the color of your preference. Remember that we have a palette of 16 million colors and all of them are at your disposal. Now if you need to buy a color that you alone you have, you can upload a photo and select the one of your taste, being the only and exclusive owner. You can then add the name of your new color.

3. Get your propriety title color at issue and you are ready to go! You can share it on your social media and other networks.